How to FaceJack?

  1. Choose Picture
  2. Choose Mouth
  3. FaceJack!

About FaceJack

Make a video of someone's face saying whatever you want it to say! Upload videos directly to Facebook from within the app! Videos are saved to your photo library, so you can email them, save them to your computer's iPhoto library, post them to Facebook, YouTube, Twitter or anywhere else you'd like!

Here's how it works:

Load a face from your photos or take a new picture, fit it to FaceJack’s mouth guides, and start putting words in its mouth! FaceJack is great fun with pictures of family, friends, co-workers, celebrities, or anyone or anything else you’d like to imitate. With an iPad you can even hold the device in front of your face to talk or sing to others, or set it up like a picture frame and watch it speak back to you from across the room!

FaceJack can also play any audio file from your music library, so hijack a face and watch as their mouth moves to a song, audiobook, podcast, or any other audio file! This feature works best with vocal-heavy tracks.

FaceJack is a great way to imitate a friend, mock your boss, put words in your spouse’s mouth, or pretend to be anyone or anything you can find a picture of!

You can also save FaceJacks within the app, so loading up a favorite is always just a couple of taps away!

What's New in 2.2

★ Record Videos* to Your Photo Library For Sharing Through Email, YouTube, Facebook, MobileMe and Much More!
★ Directly Upload Videos to Facebook Within FaceJack!
★ In-App Camera Stability Improved
★ Includes All the Great New Features from 2.1!

* Video Recoding Available on iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPod Touch 3rd Gen, iPod Touch 4th Gen and iPad.

Head over to the App Store now to get started with your copy of FaceJack. Have fun!


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Customer Service

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